Professor Alessandra Lemma (BSc. MA, MPhil (Cantab.), D. Clin Psych. Dip. Counselling Psychol.) is a Chartered Clinical and Counselling Psychologist,  Psychoanalyst and a Fellow of the British Psychoanalytical Society.

She has worked in the NHS and other mental health services sector for over 30 years specializing in the treatment of adults and adolescents with mild to severe mental health problems. For 16 years she worked at the Tavistock Clinic where she was the Head of Psychology for several years and then Professor of Psychological Therapies in conjunction with Essex University for 5 years.

She is now Co-Director of the Young People Therapy and Consultation Service at the Queen Anne Street Practice based in the West End where she works with both adolescents and adults.

Besides her training in long-term psychoanalytic interventions, she is also an experienced trainer, supervisor and therapist in a range of brief evidence- based psychological interventions such as Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT), one of the NICE approved therapies for the treatment of depression, and Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy (DIT).

DIT is a 16 session psychodynamic intervention for the treatment of anxiety and depression, which she has developed with colleagues and is now offered in the NHS in the UK and in several other countries (http://www.d-i-t.org).

Her training and experience in a range of therapeutic modalities underpins her approach to assessing suitability for psychological interventions.

Alongside her private practice she continues to be:

Consultant, Clinical Psychologist at  the Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families

Visiting Professor, Psychoanalysis Unit, University College London (http://www.ucl.ac.uk/psychoanalysis/people/alemma)

Visiting Professor, Istituto Winnicott, Sapienza University of Rome and "Centro Winnicott", Rome.

Editor of the New Library of Psychoanalysis book series (Routledge).

Regional Editor for the International Journal of Psychoanalysis.

She has specialist clinical experience in the treatment of:

  • Mood disorders (depression and anxiety)
  • Body image disturbances (particularly Body Dysmorphic Disorder)
  • Eating disorders
  • Trauma
  • Self harm
  • Addiction to digital media
  • Problems related to gender identity (transgender) and sexual desire

She lectures internationally on all these subjects and has published extensively in these areas. Her books have been translated into Italian, Spanish, Greek, Taiwanese, German and Polish.